sexta-feira, 28 de maio de 2010

First Post!

Jun, 28th, 2010

Usually, people away from Brazil don't get the chance to know about the teams, the history and the news about the Brazilians team, isn't it true?

But for you who gets very excited about the England's Premier League, Italian's Serie A and Spanish La Liga for example, where you will hopefully have 2 or 3 teams fighting for the title, you should follow the Brazilian's Brasileirao where we have almost every year about 4 teams fighting for it and more than 10 expecting to win it at the beginning of the league. It's much more exciting. The difference of quality between the last team and the first is always so little that we, almost every year, have a big club relegated.

From this day, the June 24th, on you can read about it and follow the Brasileirao yourself much in a much easier way.

Hope you enjoy it!

Ramay Nunes
Football in Brazil's Team

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